Collection: Noir

Discover the Essence of Elegance with Noir by Phynix Fire Candle Co.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious depths of Noir, Phynix Fire Candle Co.'s premier line of modern and contemporary candles crafted for the discerning and sophisticated palette. Each Noir candle is a masterpiece, blending the art of high-end fragrance with the sleekness of modern design to create an ambiance that speaks to those with refined tastes.

Hand-poured with coconut soy wax, our Noir collection ensures a clean, long-lasting burn, allowing the opulent scents to gently infuse your space with a persistent allure. With fragrances that are non-toxic, free from phthalates, parabens, and adhering to all Prop 65 regulations, Noir is not just a candle; it's a statement of luxury and a commitment to quality.

Elevate your home or office with Noir candles—where each flame ignites an experience, transforming ordinary moments into a sophisticated sensory journey. Explore the range and find your signature scent. With Noir by Phynix Fire Candle Co., you're not just lighting a candle; you're illuminating a lifestyle.

Experience the unparalleled, experience Noir.