Greetings, I am Cicero,
The proud artisan behind Phynix Fire.
My journey into the world of candle crafting commenced approximately six years ago, initially a personal pursuit born of sheer affection. Candles have forever held a special place in my heart, gracing my life with its warm, comforting glow on countless evenings. The thought of transforming this passion into a business had been in my mind for years,, yet hesitation held me back. You see, my upbringing was steeped in a time when being both black and gay bore the weight of societal scrutiny. Crafting candles, traditionally perceived as a more feminine pursuit, seemed to compound my apprehensions, and owning a company as a black man unless you have investors with deep pockets, was unheard of.
In a world evolving towards greater inclusivity and acceptance of individuality, my own self-doubts persisted. After years tethered to my anxiety. I arrived at a realization - the sole impediment to my dreams was me.
Today, while the nerves still flutter, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a remarkable circle of individuals who inspire me. They celebrate me, and embracing me for who I am, irrespective of societal expectations. My candles stand as a testament to the love and gratitude I hold for these extraordinary souls.
Candles have eternally offered me a sanctuary, a means of escape into a world of captivating scents. With every flicker, they conjure distinct experiences. When I decided to turn this passion into a business, I was commitment to crafting them in a manner that not only captures their true essence but also treads lightly upon the environment. My candles are hand-poured, their wooden wicks selected with care, all designed with your ultimate experience in mind.
At Phynix Fire, our mission is to share the serenity I've discovered in candles with the world. Each candle we create bears the mark of our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the boundless beauty of individuality.