Collection: Linen Mist

Linen MIsts are a premium and indulgent home fragrance journey available in all your favorite Phynix Fire Candle Co. scents. Crafted using our long-lasting, natural odor eliminating base, these linen mists ensure a clean and efficient mist spray enhancing the ambiance of your space.

Experience luxury and ambiance with Phynix Fire Candle Co.'s Linen Mist. Its combination of high-quality, and your favorite scents makes it the perfect addition to any home.

Key features of Linen Sprays include:

  • Natural odor eliminating: Purely water-based, utilizing reverse osmosis and deionization technology, and formulated to effectively neutralize and remove offensive back odors.
  • 100% non-toxic & 100% phthalate-free fragrances: Free of cancer-causing ingredients that require a Proposition 65 warning, as well as similar ingredients not on the Prop 65 list.
  • Available in all Phynix Fire Candle Co. scents: Choose from a wide range of popular scents to suit your preferences and create the perfect mood in your space.